About Us

We were founded on 5 key principles:

  • We offer legendary and unsurpassable service that exceeds our Clients' expectations
  • We provide the highest degree of professionalism, honesty and ethical business practices
  • We hire ONLY experienced consultants and employees who have been recognized as experts in their specific fields
  • We achieve immediate results due to the level of commitment and discipline in thoroughly completing our client's objectives
  • We utilize over 50 creative resources to identify candidates for our clients

About Our Company

Our Recruiters have extensive research experience and skills in identifying, cold call – headhunting only candidates that we select to target based on all of the detailed requirements for each assigned project, role, and location. Then we take the time to really understand their wants, needs, desires, goals, and pain to determine what they would be trying to accomplish if they were to leave their agency or recruitment firm. Then it is our responsibility to ensure that there is a perfect and precise match based on their objective and aligning them up with a company that shares their same beliefs, values, culture, support, training, growth, leadership style along with their individual career goals & aspirations to ensure it will be mutually the most ideal fit!

We only engage with Recruiters that are not actively looking to leave their agency or firm, but are passively open minded to the concept of change or open to explore a very unique & special career opportunities on a purely confidential basis, below the radar and out of the rumor mill is guaranteed. Any conversations about anyone or any client are 100% privileged and confidential communications that are all consider private and off the record. Each recruiter, client and agency must formally approve their introduction to any other party or participant. Respect and trust is paramount within this tight niched profession and industry.

Our expertise is unlimited and ranges from any level of experience across every single industry, technology, vertical, product, service, sector, field, specialty, discipline, niche, position or for any role locating anywhere in the World. Whether you want to call it: Staffing for/4 Staffing, Recruiting for/4 Recruiting, REC2REC, REC4REC, Recruit4Recruit, R2 Recruitment to Recruitment, R4R, or R2R, this is ALL we do on a Global basis! We work with roles across every industry & discipline for roles such as and not limited to:
• Recruiting Coordinator, Assistant Recruiter/Trainee, and Junior Recruiter 180
• Researcher, Resourcer, or Sourcer (Technical and Non-Technical)
• General Recruiter, Recruitment Consultant 180 or 360 (Technical and Non-Technical)
• HeadHunter or Executive Search 180 or 360 (Local, Regional, National or International)
• Account Managers, Practice Leaders or Managers, and Team & Project Managers
• Sales Managers, Branch & Area Managers, Directors, VP’s, GM’s to Executive Level

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