Executive Search

HeadHunter Worldwide specializes in permanent international career placement. A major part of our success is based on our ability to maintain consistent standards of discipline that are proven time-savers for our client companies. We firmly believe and foster a more productive relationship by establishing a structured protocol to executive search. After 3 decades of experience and hundreds of thousands of successfully completed searches, we know how to find and secure talent fast. All candidates are Cold Call-Headhunted from the exact companies and industries of your choosing. We take your unique message and opportunity directly to the currently employed candidate to sell your individual opportunity and company. The value that we bring to our clients is a proven search methodology that delivers superior results quickly. Our success stems from our thorough, intensive research and strategic partnerships with our clients. With our innovative research process, we provide expeditiously, more efficient ways of finding the perfect candidates. This puts us ahead of our competition by extracting the latest, most accurate information on the candidate universe.

1. Develop client presentation
Interactive dialogue pertaining to market position, competitive landscape, organizational structure, corporate culture and value proposition.
2. Define requirements
A full needs analysis resulting in written search assignment which would include the position requirements, ideal backgrounds, roles & responsibilities, benefits and compensation as well as understanding all internal processes.
3. Educating the team
You will be working with a dedicated Account Manager who will assign a Project Manager and a team of up to 5 recruiters exclusively to your project until they reach the desired result. Each member of the designated search team will be thoroughly oriented and briefed on the established objectives of your project. Each Recruiter will make a minimum of 75 headhunting-cold calls per day, totaling 375 recruiting and sourcing calls each day.
4. Research and Marketing
Our Research Department will compile a targeted list of sources most likely to identify appropriate candidates. These sources include creating lists from direct competitors, sourcing names, purchasing employee rosters, and networking with industry contacts, executive level contacts, database and original sourcing calls. Our Marketing Department will work directly with the team on creating a winning marketing strategy that capitalizes on over 50 creative marketing resources and approaches along with packaging the right presentation and approach with the candidates.
1. Identify potential candidates
The search team takes the client's message to market by contacting targeted source list.
2. Interview and qualify prospects
Assess credentials and track record, motivations and hot buttons, career objectives and qualify achievements based upon client requirements.
3. Background check and references
In-depth verification of candidate's education, W-2, work history, and character reference with a number of different contacts including supervisors, peers, customers and direct reports.
1. Candidate Presentation
The Account Manager will present a shortlist of the most qualified candidates.
2. Coordinating the Interviews
Arrange and manage logistics of interview process of both the client and the candidate. Pre and Post interview briefings with candidates and clients are conducted.
3. Final candidates’ selections
Interactive consultation with client to narrow shortlist to finalists.
4. Pre-offer preparation
Re-confirm compensation criteria, revisit counteroffer and start date availability. Confirm commitment to opportunity to ensure extended offer will result in acceptance.

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